Our sweet girl turned one month old on Saturday and just like that, it was the end of the most wonderful month of our lives. We are loving every second of our life with her and wish time would slow down… but it only seems to go faster now that we’re parents. Olivia has been […]

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Now that Olivia is here I finally finished my weekly bump project! I’m not going to lie, I’m SO glad this project is complete! Not just because our precious baby girl is finally here but also because I felt so huge towards the end and not so enthusiastic about getting into a tight dress every […]

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If there’s one topic I always love to chat about during newborn sessions it’s definitely the birth story of my tiniest little clients. I absolutely love birth stories. Every single one is so different, yet each one is deeply emotional and incredibly memorable. Through the years, I’ve had the privilege of hearing many birth stories […]

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Everyone said pregnancy would be amazing but I never expected to love this experience as much as I do. Here are five things I’ve loved about being pregnant these last 39+ weeks. All the dreaming and imagining that Jay and I do. We’re constantly talking about our wishes for our daughter and I’ve loved every […]

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I can’t even believe it but I’m 33 weeks pregnant this week! Time has flown by these last few months and we are now less than seven weeks from meeting our little girl! I think the last few weeks in particular have gone the fastest because we’ve been so busy – from our Bahamas baby […]

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We tried to start a family on and off for over three years. Luckily, during that time, we never felt in a rush, nor did we ever feel hopeless. Something that kept us from feeling desperate after every failed month was that we had so much faith that, one way or another, we’d one day […]

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Eeeek! In case you don’t follow us on Instagram or Facebook and haven’t heard the news yet, I’m pregnant! And I’m supposed to be editing right now but I couldn’t help but take a little break to share this post! We reached 20 weeks of our pregnancy this week and we are so thrilled! We’re […]

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