Our Fertility Journey Personal


Our Fertility Journey

We tried to start a family on and off for over three years. Luckily, during that time, we never felt in a rush, nor did we ever feel hopeless.

Something that kept us from feeling desperate after every failed month was that we had so much faith that, one way or another, we’d one day have a child. My husband was adopted, so we were always perfectly open to adopting ourselves if we couldn’t have a baby of our own. But I so wanted Jay to have his first known blood relative to root him to this world in a way that no one else has ever been able to.

It was when I was preparing to turn 40 that I felt we were running out of time. I was afraid of regretting not trying hard enough and letting another year go by without a baby. That’s when we decided to start fertility treatments. We were nervous about it but then we got lucky and got pregnant on our second IUI.

When we found out we were pregnant, I suddenly felt like I never wanted something so badly in my life but for the pregnancy to stick and to be a mother to our little miracle of a baby.

Today marks 30 weeks of my pregnancy and not a day or even moment goes by that I’m not thankful for this little life I’m growing. Olivia, our little IUI baby, will be here in just ten weeks, and she has already been an inspiration to so many as I’ve been quietly sharing our fertility journey with others. And today I hope she inspires even more of you as I know many are spending this holiday season praying for a little miracle of your own. I hope our success story gives you hope and the courage to stay positive. Miracles do happen!

Our Fertility Journey | By NJ Newborn Photographer Idalia Photography

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