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5 Things I've Loved About Being Pregnant by Idalia Photography

Everyone said pregnancy would be amazing but I never expected to love this experience as much as I do. Here are five things I’ve loved about being pregnant these last 39+ weeks.

  1. All the dreaming and imagining that Jay and I do. We’re constantly talking about our wishes for our daughter and I’ve loved every second of our baby conversations that remind me over and over again how lucky I am to have him in my life.
  2. Feeling her little kicks, flutters, jabs, and hiccups. Every single little movement reminds me of this amazing life growing inside my belly who keeps me company every second of the day. She reminds me of the important things in life, forces me to slow down, and keeps things in perspective for me.
  3. How nice people are! From holding doors for me, giving me the right of way, and asking me when I’m due, what I’m having, etc. It’s really sweet and I love how people just seem to perk up when they see I’m pregnant.
  4. Connecting with other mothers. Not just my own closest friends and family members but also, past newborn clients and brides who are new moms or expecting moms, ladies in my prenatal yoga class, ladies in line at the grocery store, mothers in the photography industry. Being pregnant has opened up an entirely new world to me!
  5. A newfound love for documenting our life together. I used to take so many personal photos, but then our business kept us busier and busier and eventually I hardly took any personal photos for a few years except for when we were traveling. I want our daughter to know how excited we are to have her in our lives so I’ve been documenting my pregnancy experience as much as possible.From silly belly shots to behind the scenes photos of daddy putting together baby things to photos of mommy around the house looking so big, we have quite a collection!

How about you? Pregnant mamas, what do you love about being pregnant? And if you’ve already had your kids, what do you miss about it? Leave your response in the comment box below; I’d love to know!

5 Things I've Loved About Being Pregnant by Idalia Photography

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5 Things I've Loved About Being Pregnant by Idalia Photography5 Things I've Loved About Being Pregnant by Idalia Photography

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